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Malcolm G. Ratcliffe


Billy Mitchell claims that the working class (the few who have jobs), "unionists" want to stay part of Great Britain, even in light of the fact that a majority of those on mainland England want nothing to do with N. Ireland. And, in light of the fact that the English government has been backpedalling for five years or more, trying to extricate themselves from the N. Ireland situation. Billy, even the Scots via the SNC want out of the Union, or at least those who will always consider themselves Scottish, not English.

As an ex-patriot, half breed, I no more want N. Ireland to be a part of Great Britian as I want N. Ireland to be part of the South. What's wrong with just being Irish, Billy? What's wrong with all the peoples of N. Ireland aspiring to have their own country? With the right investment, N. Ireland could be every bit as competitive in the Global Market as any other EU success story, more competitive if you ask me. Just ask Michelin Tire where their most productive tire plant was, bar none. They probably wont tell you, it's a well kept secret and somewhat embarrassing, for them.

Now is the time to cut the apron strings and forge a whole new country. It's time for both 'sides' to put their sectarian bigotry behind them and embrace each other. It's amazing what a few hugs will do.





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