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Dear Sir,

I have just written a history which details Ireland's participation in the Great War as a prelude to rebellion, in a book titled Ireland's Banner County, Clare from the fall of Parnell to the Great War,1890-1918 (Saipan Press, Dec. 2002, xii, 213pp. 8pp.ills. appends.,index, hbk.euro29.95, isbn 0 9544087 05, pbk. euro19.95, isbn 0 95440870 13). Ireland's participation in the Great War was for many years after independence obliterated from the national consciousness, as the country snapped off the imperial ties of the past, yet over recent years such a trend has been reversed in an effort to appreciate the full swing of the revolutionary pendulum and this book highlights the ultimate sacrifices made by over 50,000 Irishmen with a specific examination of the environment in which 5,000 Claremen volunteered to join the Allied armies of WW1.

Many of these men were to be in vanguard of the freedom movement soon to follow in Ireland. In writing this book, I have spent many years of research in the libraries, archives, museums and public record offices of most of the participant nations of the Great War, with a focus on the Fighting 69th's Colonel Martin Meaney, (of Battle of the Ourcq fame), Archbishop Clune, from Ruan, Co. Clare, Chaplain General to the Australian forces (he had a chance meeting with his brother Fr. Francis Clune who was also serving with the Australians in the trenches) as well as on controversial Australian native, Arthur Lynch who was a Clare M.P.during this time (his father John took part in the defence of the Eureka Stockade where many Irish died in a battle against the Australian authorities who were levying unfair taxes against them), along with John Philip Holland, a Clareman and father-founder of the modern submarine. I would be obliged if your organisation would consider the purchase of this comprehensive book for your collection or consider it for review. I thank you for your consideration of this letter and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in history,
Daniel McCarthy.

Daniel McCarthy, M.A.,
Boru Cultural Enterprises,
Cragbrien, Darragh,
Ennis, Co. Clare.

(email available upon request)







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