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The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
- Hubert H. Humphrey




First Class Citizens




It appears that the Loyalist working class in the northeast is complaining and thinks that they are becoming second class citizens. However, once the fog lifts from their long slumber the Loyalist will realize that they have always been second class citizens at the behest of their Unionist bossís and their English masters.

The English have excelled in the practice of illusion, perception and deception. The images that the Loyalist working class saw when they looked into their jaded mirror was one of superiority and first class citizenship. They saw themselves as proud and loyal subjects of the empire. They saw themselves as the holders of the truth and the keepers of the ascendancy. They saw themselves as what their Unionist/English bossís wanted them to see themselves. That once gilded image of the Loyalist working class is shattering and tarnishing right before their eyes and the ugly truth is being born, that they have always been second class citizens where their Unionist/English bossís are concerned. You have been used and abused by your leaders and bossís to secure their own power and accendency at your very expense. They give you no room to grow as a class. You have been force-fed sectarian hatred, fear and lies. By playing on your emotions, that you will loose power and prestige if your leaders are toppled is a lie. The fact of the matter is that you only get the crumbs that the English throw your way, and what little real power that is. By keeping the Loyalist working class stirred up and fighting their fellow neighbors the Unionist/English do not have to worry about a unified force of the working class to rise and usurp against the oppressors of freedom.

What has the Loyalist working class gotten from their masters? How about decent people being murdered and becoming murderers! How about a dysfunctional society of sectarianism. How about high unemployment, low wages, high prices, a weakened labor class without clout, while the profit takers prosper! Is this reality worth the illusion that is a lie?

If you want real power and gain a true voice to all our futures, join hands with your Republican brothers and sisters to break the chains that bind us all. Fight for an All-Ireland Republic where the voice of the workers will be heard and the power to rule is for the many and not the foreign occupier. Let us fight together for all the people and not the symbol of illusion. Only by joining forces can we all become first class citizens.

Sean O Lubaigh
15 January 2002







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