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Sinn Fein Take Office


Dear Comrades,

With the advent of Provisional Sinn Fein MP`s taking offices in Westminster, home of the occupation government, they have yet again struck a blow against Republicanism. From the streets of chaos to being a “Right Honorable Member”, thirty years of “Republicanism” for what? Four seats in the colonizers house! All the tears, blood, anguish and heartbreak only to acknowledge the legitimacy of Westminster, Stormont and Leinster House over the Irish people. It is their authority and the power to enforce it that you recognize.

By Provisional Sinn Fein choosing “internal association” they think and hope that change can come about and a united and free Ireland can be established. Does any one honestly believe that by “internal association” and not force that the All- Ireland Republic proclaimed in 1916, voted overwhelmingly in 1918 and established by the First Dail in 1919, can win freedom from the British and their collaborators? Its been tried again and again; Butt, Parnell, Redmond; only to be taste defeat, and that was just about Home Rule. No Nationalist or watered down Republicanism will gain freedom.

It is a farce that Provisional Sinn Fein parades themselves as the guardians of “Republicanism”. As we have seen, year after year, they have broken the basic tenents of Republicanism- abandonment of abstention, recognition of both north and south governments as the legal, lawful authority and their source of power being the British. We have also seen the Provisional Sinn Fein support the surrender of arms and their destruction. We will one-day see them legislate with the British for the six county colony. We have seen Provisional Sinn Fein in 1998 turn its back on Republican POWs who refused to submit to British authority. Republican POWs find themselves once again fighting for political status that was won by the deaths of ten brave volunteers. What do you say to these brave freedom fighters who suffer again at the hands of the screws. Is the official Provisional Sinn Fein line “there are no more political prisoners”. Tell that to Tommy Crossan!

Provisional Sinn Fein should just come clean and speak the frank truth. No more lies, confusion, double talk, deceit or “cute” language. You have chosen a different path. Provisional Sinn Fein has relinquished the right, and has lost the credibility to carry on the armed struggle for Irish independence. Drop the name and the mask of Sinn Fein from your persons, fore there is yet a true Republican Sinn Fein to carry on the fight.

Sean O Lubaigh
23 January 2002







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