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The Facts Are There


Deaglan O'Donghaile


There's not much to answer in John O'Leary's "A Fraud or a Fool". Except for the accusation that I am a British propagandist. I may well be a fraud or a fool in O'Leary's eyes for suggesting that Sinn Fein is a part of the system, but the facts are there for anybody who wants to see them.

It is interesting that he choses not to comment on the human rights abuses that I listed. In the Sinn Fein universe, of course, that kind of thing just doesn't happen. Meanwhile, anyone who doesn't agree with the party is either an imperialist or a sticky. Never mind that Sinn Fein has adopted the Officials' policies wholesale. Indeed, they've gone much farther within the British system than the sticks ever did.

John O'Leary's anti-logic is proof of James Connolly's warning that the British have great Irish fools to practice on. As for the real frauds, neo-stickys and imperialists, there is currently a bunch of them huddled in an attic in Westminster.







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