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- Hubert H. Humphrey




A short and concluding response to Deaglán O'Donghaile


John O’Leary


Again, Deaglán O Donghaile fantasises about what I accuse him of (while also making no reference at all to the object of this correspondence, his praise of the Clarke/Johnston hatchet-job on Martin McGuinness).

Deaglán writes that there is not much to answer in my response. Perhaps, to be charitable yet again, there is not much that he can answer.

I¹m Glad to see that Liam Clarke and Kathryn Johnston came through in Deaglán¹s support, though I suspect they might like him to tone down the tirade against 'neo-stickys and imperialists'. Again, it is curious that he is silent on this gesture of support (though he might like to consider my response to Clarke and Johnston).

To conclude, a debate about the trajectory of the republican movement is useful, but a tirade of vulgar abuse mixed with pro-imperialist gossip and smears is not. If Deaglán would like to reconsider his original review, I'm sure we could start all over again.






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