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Justin's Load of Oul Rubbish!
Kathleen O Halloran



Initially, I was going to write to you in response to Justin Moran's letter, in which he criticises Anthony McIntyre for not mentioning the Sinn Fein people who went to prison. I was going to say to Justin, that McIntyre went to a leftist event and gave the readers his take on it and was not leaving out anyone deliberately. The Andersonstown News which makes no apology for being a Sinn Fein party paper did not cover the events or the story of the bin tax at all as far as I am aware. For them it was a non event.

However, now that Anthony McIntyre has had this interview with Cieran Perry the attitude of Sinn Fein speaks for itself. They are all over the place on this issue, is Mr. Perrys' opinion. How right he is, and not only are they all over the place on this issue, but on all of their issues.

I watched the Late Late Show about two weeks ago and the attitude of the audience reflected Mr Perry's opinion. Working class people in Dublin and the Republic generally are fed up with having to pay more than their fair share, to a government that has no problem giving themselves generous salaries. One thousand pounds per week is paid to Mary McAleese alone! Bertie Ahern is paid more money than Tony Blair!

Tonight, on RTE news I was really aghast at the fact that class room assistants for special needs children will be cut by 30%. In the Republic school psychologists have long waiting lists of over one year, and day centres for the mentally handicapped and elderly are practically non existent. Elderly parents of mentally handicapped people have to look after their adult children and receive hardly any financial support from the state. These mentally retarded people sit at home all day because there is no day centres to look after them. We witnessed terrible scenes on television during the last strike by day care staff!

I am glad to see that working class people themselves are taking this issue on, and it is the political parties who are looking to jump on to the band wagon. Lets hope and pray the ordinary people keep control of it and not loose it to opportunistic politicians.

I don't think Mr. Adams is worried to much about the bin tax as he is over in America again, he is more over there than here. I live in his constituency and I have not seen him around in years.

I really enjoyed reading the interview as it was the opinion of someone who was involved at a deep level. Lets hope the working class people in the Republic are successful in overthrowing this unjust tax!









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