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The Need To Make A Public Stand


Paul Fitzsimmons
19/02/ 2002


Dear Mr. Curran:

The estimable Robert McCartney writes (Belfast Telegraph, 18 February 2001): "No-one who is a pluralist and a democrat would accept less than the total equality of every citizen in every sphere - political, social, educational, and economic[.]"

Yet, as an intelligent and experienced lawyer, he will of course know that it is a legal impossibility for any Catholic to be head of state in the United Kingdom or even to be married to that country's head of state.

Thus, ineluctably, Mr. McCartney is telling us one of two things: (a) the current British "Constitution" is unacceptable as denying Catholics "the total equality of every citizen" or (b) he himself is not "a pluralist and a democrat."

My bet would be on "a," but it would naturally be preferable for him bravely to take a public stand on this point.


Paul A. Fitzsimmons

(This was a letter sent to the Belfast Telegraph but which was not published)








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