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Ray Burnett • 18 December 2003

If you'll forgive the hint of self-publicity, your readers might be interested in this new title. I have an essay on my native Edinburgh , 'In the Shadow of Calton Hill', which focuses on the Scottish-Irish links in the radical tradition and one of 'Edinburgh's finest' - James Connolly.
Best wishes,
Ray Burnett

'It was a bad year, 1707'

Commemorating Ireland History, Politics, Culture, Eberhard Bort, University of Edinburgh (Ed)


'This is the age of the anniversary. We seem to be in a constant state of commemoration, celebrating the good, the bad, the indifferent - and that which is better forgotten.' (The Sunday Herald, 7 January 2001). This is not so much a book of commemoration as it is on or about commemoration. The title of this book is ambiguous, and intentionally so. On the one hand, there are echoes of 'Writing Ireland' or 'Imagining Ireland', or '(Re)-Inventing Ireland' - an active process shaping our perception of what Ireland is and how it has become what it is. On the other hand, there is an element of glancing back. Only what is gone, what is in the past, can be commemorated. Ireland, having undergone rapid and profound changes in the past decades, often kindles feelings of nostalgia, of an older Ireland having been lost in the 'filthy modern tide'. This is an examination - in an international, comparative context - of the role commemorations play in contemporary politics and society. The multi-disciplinary character of the enterprise is apparent in the array of authors contributing to this volume: Peter Collins, Mary Daly, Tony Canavan, Owen Dudley Edwards, Paul Arthur, Ray Burnett, Christopher Harvie, Malcolm Anderson, Neal Ascherson, Gerald Dawe, Christopher Murray and Aidan Howard.

Irish Academic Press, Dublin 2003 || 288 pages || ISBN 0 7165 2768 5 cloth €40.00/£30.00






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