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Response to Paul Harrison

Joseph McDaid • 27 April 2004

Mr Harrison,

When you're so glibly mouthing on about 'purveyors of war' you seem to have missed out in naming the world's leading 'purveyor of war'... that'd be Mr. George W. himself. Mr. George W. quite the man to be holding up as your man of peace. Sorry but some of us Irish never have and never will cow to the cruel might of the enslaving British Empire. Maybe you could ask the unschooled George and wee Tony not to go around killing and maiming innocent women and children all around the world for that sinful black gold that's in Iraq. And murdering and maiming innocent women and children to lay pipelines in Afghanistan isn't the noblest of causes either. Maybe if the Brits would get the hell out of Ireland, maybe just maybe that'd settle a lot of problems do you think! Maybe when the Orange bigots quit trying to march down Garvarghy road, chanting 'Croppy's lie down' doing all they can to incite the Irish, maybe that'd help. Anyway I get a great kick out of someone holding up the Brits and the Americans as their answer to ending violence. Good luck with that one bud.

Joseph McDaid




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