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Marty Egan • 27 August 2004

Mick Hall's article is accurate, but, not complete. The only vote as to what's right for Ireland is by all the Irish people, north and south. A county by county vote with a 2/3 majority for/against a United Ireland is the only fair and pragmatic solution. The first vote was not fair as it didn't include all the people.

One Nation under God no matter what your religion or belief is the only future for Ireland.

The Catholic Church should do what is necessary to survive. It should clean itself up and get rid of those who are responsible for declining numbers and churches being sold.

When the religious factor is taken out of politics and put where it belongs Ireland can become what it was, a land of the people with its good and bad but of the people not dictated to by King or Pope. Only then, will Ireland be truly free. Jesus said! Give to God what is God's and to Ceasar what is Ceasar's. God and Country, but, separate.

For those with no God, there is only Country. The country for all born on Irish soil is The Republic of all Ireland.





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