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George Young • 13 June 2004

I appreciate your comments, but I get the feeling that you are a non-believer and I sense that you might be from the medical field.

If you are asking the question, am I certain that the persons who administered the injections to detainees at Holywood and Girdwood Barracks were doctors? I have to answer that I could not be certain, but as the cretins who did it, wore white coats and seemed to know exactly what they were doing with a syringe, you tend to come to that conclusion, also, the fact that you were being told by your interrogators in graphic detail what their doctor was going to actually do, you naturally came to believe that what was being said, was the truth.

To answer your question about the nationality of the aforementioned cretins, the fact that they spoke with English accents, makes me think that they were definitely Brits.

Could I just point out that what I had listed in the article Computer Enhanced?, were only part of the tortures carried out on republicans, at the hands of the security forces and if you are still a bit sceptical about the legitimacy of anyone's claims of abuse, could I suggest that you click on the link below. Perhaps the fact that the compilation was written by two Roman Catholic priests might convince you that people in the republican movement, did suffer torture at the hands of people purporting to be doctors.

I have never been a religious man myself, but I must say, that I have yet to meet a priest who would knowingly tell a falsehood.

'British Army and Special Branch RUC Brutalities, December 1971 - February 1972'




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