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The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
- Hubert H. Humphrey





Let me commend all who have written in to voice their support for our comrades on Hunger Strike in Turkey and those who have seen to take up the issue in Ireland on their behalf.

There can be no rest while the machine of imperialism moves forward anywhere in the world, attempting to silence those who would rise against it. Our brave comrades in Turkey have shown perseverance and fortitude in their battle for justice, and demonstrated a strength by setting themselves on course to make the ultimate sacrifice for their cause.

I am proud to stand in solidarity with them, and those who stand collectively with all who will not bow to the iron fist of their self-proclaimed masters, but sow the seeds of sovereignty and harvest freedom for their people.

Steve Donnolly
North American Coordinator,
Hunger Strike Commemoration Committee (HSCOM)






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