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Sinn Fein Vs. Watergate



Dear Editor:

The Raid on Sinn Feins offices as being compared with Watergate may have some comparisons, except the Watergate break in was political, as one political party wanting to know the election plans for the upcoming election and wishing to gain the upper hand.

In Northern Ireland, the excuse used was to do an illegal search and seizure under the disguise of the “Anti-Terrorism” act which they tried to make look legal.

One must ask of those who perpetrated this illegal raid, if they realized that their actions mirrored those of Mr. Nixon and his associates in the US Watergate fiasco?

In America, those responsible for this illegal break in were political, but no political power said our government should collapse because of this.

No one, our government, nor our citizens suggested a re-election or votes should be nullified.

Many of those responsible in Watergate were found guilty and were imprisoned for their part in this political crime.

The Unionists are acting in a positive way towards this illegal action, therefore there should be a through investigation by the Press and Parties involved, both in England and The Republic of Ireland.

If it is founded that illegal acts were performed, these people should be prosecuted and removed from political office and political power.

The arrest and detention of Sinn Fein officials as in the raid on Mr. Denis Donaldson’s home where documents with names and addresses were said to be in his possession, is that to be compared to documents held by British Intelligence, SAS and RUC where these files of Sinn Fein representatives, voters and names of those sympathetic to the republican cause were “leaked” and outright handed over to Ulster paramilitary death squads? Many of the names on those “leaked” documents, republicans and Sinn Fein supporters were murdered.

This is the most critical time of the Peace Agreement, yet it seems collaboration of the Police and anti agreement unionists have joined forces to have Sinn Fein discreted and removed from their rightful place in Storemont. This charade is nothing more than ploy to kill the political process of the GFA.

We expect The British Government, Mr. David Trimble, Mr. Bertie Ahern, Mr. Tony Blair, and the PSNI to conduct themselves and the parties and government they represent in such a way as to accurately and fairly conduct the business of the North Ireland government along with their respectful counterparts in the other parties involved.

Now is the time to have a full open investigation of this illegal raid and prosecute those involved.

The government and those parties involved in the peace process should continue with the GFA and not let those extreme unionists who wish to kill it succeed.


Jim J Kane
Barbara Green

Free River Irish



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- Hubert H. Humphrey





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