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The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
- Hubert H. Humphrey




They have helped to create madmen,
the madmen are still responsible



Dear comrades,

Carrie Twomey is right, as right as she has ever been. The hell-bound hijackers who destroyed thousands of lives and hearts of workers in New York City on Tuesday, September 11th have no place in the halls in which those of us who pride ourselves in struggling for a better, more equitable and just world, from Ireland to Palestine, from Turkey to East Timor, congregate. This is not a time for silence. It is a time for outrage and compassion, especially among our community of Irish and Irish-American republicans.

There are 11 firemen, most of them Irish-American, from Squad 1, the local fire brigade in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, where I grew up, missing at the World Trade Center. Were their lives expendable for a cause which may have started out as justifiable anger against America's sinister foreign meddling? If, as a republican, you believe they were, than you are not my brother nor my sister, but a stranger.

We must look to ourselves, to our own hearts and minds, as much as to our political analysis, for answers. As we do, let us be mindful of those firemen and the thousands of workers who have probably been lost beneath the rubble of blind rage and say that we want England out of Ireland more than ever but that we do not want to lose our souls in getting them to leave.

Seoirse McLaughlin

[In response to "Today We Weep"]







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