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Sean McNulty • 14.10.02


A chara,

Something, which I think bears thinking about, is this:

Unionists will never allow Republicans to sit in the seat of power unless they are completely defenseless. So they continue with the D demands: Decommissioning, disbanding of the IRA etc., while Loyalists terrorize our people.

The problem lies with the so-called Good Friday or Belfast "agreement". It promises everything to everyone and cannot possibly deliver anything but 6 counties under British control. Talk of demographic changes can be forever subverted as was done in the forced creation of the artificial state in the first place.

Let us not forget that Ireland as a whole voted for one free Ireland in the last real all Ireland election.

Once so-called Republicans accepted the terms of internal consent (under British Rule) it was all lost. There are no "stepping-stones to the 'republic" as it has been called. If a solution is not an all-Ireland one, it is a not a solution at all.

The minimum requirements for a real solution are:

1. Statement of intent of British forces and Government to withdraw from Ireland within the life of British Government and actual withdrawal in stated time.

2. Setting up of an all Ireland constitutional convention to work along the lines of Eire Nua, which is the only solution not yet tried.

To settle for less only provides Unionism with a false hope of somehow retaining power over Occupied Ireland for the indefinite future. Thus putting off the day Ireland will be united. The sooner Unionists are told there is no other option the better. To do otherwise is both unfair and unwise. Reuniting Ireland does not threaten Unionists. Rather it would protect their right to be whatever they want to be - be it British and/or Irish. We Republicans in Ireland have long cherished all our children regardless of heritage. Unionists will be a minority in Ireland yes, but a larger one than they are in the British system. They should play their part in the future development of Ireland as one united nation. If all the energy that has been expended in a futile war for and against occupation is turned instead to building a strong and vibrant nation think of the possibilities.

I hope the message is clear to all those who live in fantasy land of the Good Friday "agreement". It will not work; it was not really meant to work for the Irish people, but rather to copperfasten Union with Britain. Thus they retain influence over all of Ireland directly and indirectly.

What Ireland needs is an Irish solution to the problems that have been created by Britain’s involvement in Ireland. The best thing Britain can do is work with us to bring about freedom and justice for too long denied our people. If indeed they have no selfish interests in Ireland let them finally do this. It is the only way Britain can redeem itself for all the wrongs they have done in Ireland. We who have suffered the most from Britain’s wars against the Irish people want peace the most. But peace without justice is a false peace. And will never endure.

“Ireland unfree shall never be at peace” is as true today as it ever was.

I welcome a discussion with anyone Irish, British or whoever on this subject.

Is mise,
Sean McNulty
Former I.P.O.W.



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