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Steve McWilliams


So true, your words. There is nothing to celebrate in current events - it is nothing but the same old story. If SF have made such advances, where are the benefits? True, we have a SF mayor of Belfast, but what has that brought? As for a 32-County Republic by 2016, I expect it is possible, solely by population shift, which no doubt is realised by the unionists. However, is that cause for celebration today? We have violence along the "peace line", a misnomer if ever there was one, continued intimidation of young school children, harassment, violence and murder of innocent citizens. How can one speak of progress when home are being bombed, vandalised and their occupants terroised? Where is the action within the assembly to address such crimes? What of the collusion between the security forces and loyalist murder gangs, apparently to be addressed in some detail in the Stevens Report? Will prosecutions result? Or will the security forces again hide behind claims of national security to sabotage any calling to justice of guilty parties? How many more innocent people will die before the entirety of the murder machine is called to the bar and made to confess and answer for their odious crimes? When will see an end to the sectarian parades goose-stepping through nationalist communities, trumpeting their sectarianism, their bigotry, their intolerance? When will Mr Blair, the Commons, Mr Trimble and gang, the "Stormont Assembly" and others of the British establishment, bot within and without Ireland, reakise and publicly acknowledge that the British presence in Ireland is a resounding failure, and commit themselves to its end? In short, when will we see the long-overdue and final British withdrawal from Ireland? When that day arrives, then we may just claim progress. Until then, any claim to "progress" is only hot air escaping into the atmosphere. Tiocfaidh ar la.

Steve McWilliams



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