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The Dublin and Monaghan Bombings

Steve McWilliams


Having read the author's work (Don Mullan) on Bloody Sunday, I was instantly drawn to this new work. Though I have no memory of these events (I was twelve at the time, and got my news through the Anglocentric American media), my readings since have enlightened me to some degree. There can be no doubt that, if a loyalist gang was involved, the shadowy British "dirty tricks" squads were intimately, even physically, involved.


Liam O'Ruairc clearly points out that, while these were dismissed with little fanfare, the Omagh bombing was accorded the same impact as events so momentous as the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or the D-Day landings. Why is this? The answer must be clear - the Omagh victims were "British subjects" while the Dublin and Monaghan victims were "only Irish". It is rather like the time of slavery in America, Whites were whole people, while slaves were three-fifths of a person. It is just that sort of mindset that allows the British to write off Irish casaualties, while decrying "British" casualties. In fact, I don't expect the Brits to even consider an Irish citizen as three-fifths of a Brit.


Like Bloody Sunday, "shoot-to-kill" cases, the Hunger Strike, An Gorta Mor, and countless other atrocities, the Brits dismiss Irish losses out of hand while mourning the "great and senseless" loss of life whenever and whereever it suits their purpose.


I will look forward to reading Mr. Mullan's work, and hope it is every bit as good as "Eyewitness Bloody Sunday".



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