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Adams speaks out both sides of his mouth

Steve McWilliams


So Gerry Adams has sounded off about the appointment of a ceasefire monitor (whose identity is apparently a closely guarded secret). He calls it a "sop to Trimble". Well what does he call his visit to Westminster to see Tony Blair? A friendly lunch date? A mutual consultation? An opportunity to air his views on the state of events in the Six Counties? Let us look at it for exactly what it is - Mr Adams' unqualified endorsement of the British presence in Ireland. By agreeing to see Mr. Blair on his 'home turf', Adams validates Blair's position as leader over the Six Counties, something one can hardly believe a self-respecting "Republican" would do. So what can we expect next from Mr. Adams? Will he kneel before the Queen (the real one, not Charles), and pledge his undying loyalty? Will he pay a friendly visit to his "old friend" David Trimble and debate on how they can make the assembly a better place for all - as long as they toe the line, of course.

Again, let's all be honest and realistic - the GFA had fatal flaws from the start.

1. It recognised "Northern Ireland" as a part of Britain, and only the inhabitants of this ersatz province - not all of Britain or all of Ireland - are to decide its future. Is this not unprecedented? If this is the standard, why cannot only the people of Scotland (or Wales, the Isle of Man, or Cornwall, all historic Celtic homelands) decide their future. Any decision on the future of any part of Ireland must be decided by all the people of Ireland. The Brits, master of the bait and switch, simply twist any agreement, treaty or law to their advantage.

2. In that same vein, the unionists, of whatever stripe, simply used the GFA to their own ends - witness Trimble's repeated threats to resign, his incessant complaining and dictating to the Assembly, perpetuating the hidebound unionist ascendancy. We may as well be in 1922, rather than 2002. And then their are the likes of Paisley (times two, no less), Robinson and others of the even more extreme strain of unionism.

3. Annex B did the most inglorious disservice of hamstringing and bastardising Articles 2 and 3 of the Irish Constitution, invalidating generations of sacrifice by uncounted numbers of Irish men women and children. The Dail must be held to account for this, a clear instance of treason with whatever that may portend.

In final analysis, I have concluded that the GFA is an iniquitous document, an obscenity to anyone who calls themselves Irish. For my purposes, the GFA is utterly without merit, unfit even to wipe my arse with. It is high time that it be dispensed with, consigned to the rubbish heap of British gun-barrel diplomacy.

Now, what can we as good Irish Republicans do? We must direct our focus towards the important issues. The first and foremost thing is this: we are at war. Never mind if operations have been at a premium, that certain groups have, in essence, hung up their guns. We are faced with the reality that a foreign army, and its indigenous lackeys, occupy our native soil. Never mind any pronouncements to the contrary, it is conquest, repression, and imperialism that drive these malignant stormtroopers. Our course is clear, and cannot be denied. We must act, now, strongly, and decisively. Let those soldiers at Thiepval Barracks and Aldergrove; at Victoria and Chelsea Barracks; at Portsmouth and Yeovilton; in Germany and Cyprus all shudder when they hear an auto backfire - it might be a Bunker Buster headed their way. Let them huddle in fear when a strange lorry is parked nearby - it might be a bomb. Let them fear to leave the security of their base - they may never return. The battle must be taken to them, none of this waiting around for history to happen. We must make it! How will posterity judge us?

Sure, I can't order any action myself, that duty falls to the true leaders of the true Republican Movement. They must sit in Council and decide what actions are in the best interests of the Movement, and for the Irish people as a whole. They must, however, know that the people are behind them. Not necessarily all the people, dissent is a natural occurrence of a democratic institution. But they must have no doubt that they are not acting without a mandate. Support must be public and vocal.

And as for those shadowy little denizens listening out there: whether you be RUC, Special Branch, SAS, MI5, FBI, or whoever - crawl back to your cesspool, lest you be exterminated like the verminous infestation that you are. Let the process of democracy be steered by those who value, cherish and defend it. Your's is with the likes of the SS, the KGB, the Stasi, the Securitate and others who prey on those who cherish freedom. Away to your foul lairs, and emerge not again.



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The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
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