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Steve McWilliams • Feb. 2003


Bravo to Orlaith Dillon! It seems that the POWs have been lost in the shuffle of Stormont Politics, shenanigans and dirty tricks. Sure, the Brits have indicated in the past that such issues are of little or no interest to them. No doubt they are more concerned at planning their holidays, getting those pet projects enacted, and ensuring that tea arrives at the proper time.

The fact that POW rights, fair treatment, etc must still be fought for, points up the intransigence of the Britz and their unionist lap-dogs. It is as if time has frozen still at 1969, perhaps 1916, maybe even further back. Republicans are a distinct underclass in the British system, incarcerated Republicans the more so. What must be done to gain and ensure their rights. Must we return to the demonstrations of the 1970s-1980s? One shudders to think that perhaps another prison protest is necessary, that further sacrifices need be made. Yet what can be done that the Brits will heed, that will break their cycle of heavy-handed repression? What has worked in the past? What are our options? I don't presume to speak for anyone but myself, but I certainly have some ideas. Inevitably, it is the Brits who must act - with some prodding no doubt. From now until then, it is for us to keep on the pressure.




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