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Eight Mile worth the trip?

Steve McWilliams • Feb. 2003


I must beg to differ with Mick Hall - Eight Mile is not worth even the cellophane it is printed on. Calling Mr Mathers singing "adolescent bleating" is, in my opinion, very generous. Mr Mathers would like all to believe that he grew poor, deprived, hopeless in the cesspool that is the big city. Far from that, Mr Mathers is a suburban thug wannabe, a poser of the worst sort. Those of us who did grow up in Detroit and did see the urban decay, the trauma of the 1967 riots and the racial polarization that blossomed in their aftermath, the slow lingering death of a once great city, must be greatly offended by Mr Mathers' pretensions. He cares no more for the average working man than do our hidebound bureaucrats in Washington. It is only window dressing, a convenient vehicle to rake more money into his coffers.

We must remember that this is the same Marshall Mathers that brutally assaulted a man outside of a suburban nightclub, simply because the man looked at his wife. This is the same Marshall Mathers who has written denigrating, vulgar, infantile lyrics about both his mother and his wife. Mr Mathers had only one objective in mind in being involved in "Eight Mile" - profit. Ask him when he was last in Detroit, and what he was doing there. Ask him if he would lend his alleged talents to assist Detroit in trying to bring about a rebirth, a return to its former glory. I expect his response would be unprintable, a torrent of "ghetto-speak", an intent to represent himself and one of the unfortunate, the downtrodden, the helpless. Meanwhile, ask him for his latest bank statement, or better yet, ask why he does live in the city he apparently so idolises.

No, sir - Eight Mile is NOT worth the trip.



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