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Whither the Irish Republic?

Steve McWilliams


What is happening on our beloved island? What is the status of the GFA, the elections, the assembly, the RIR, the policing reforms - in short, what the hell is going on? Of some interest is the editorial in 30 May issue of the Derry Journal, "Dublin's Deafening Silence". Indeed, the Dublin assembly has already dazzled us with their dissection of the Constitution, and their slavish devotion to whatever issues from Mr Blair's office. Now, with Mr Blair's unilateral decision to postpone (read cancel) the elections, or any other action that the GFA was supposed to bring about, what exactly is there to talk about? One could hardly be faulted to think that, for Mr Blair and his gang, GFA means "Get F****d A**holes!" (and my apologies to the ladies and children reading this).

Now we have the ever charming "Reverend" Paisley wagging his venomous tongue, the UUP fighting like wee boys over who can hamstring the "agreement" better, and SF and SDLP engaging in pointless and powerless posturing. Everyone is setting conditions, with the amazing similarity that each group's conditions run exactly counter to the others. Democracy indeed! Let no one claim that anyone else is better at engineering failure.

My question (well the next one), is this, "Who speaks for the Irish Republic?", "Who is defending the Irish Republic?", "Who will fight for the Irish Republic?" Does anyone know? Surely, I would like to know, so I can figure out what is going on, besides the usual petty wrangling, posturing, threats and invective. "Talk", as a man once said, "is cheap". Actions speak volumes, and load enough to shake the foundations of those ivory towers into which the "leaders" have installed themselves. Let the action commence!










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