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Steve McWilliams


Bravo to Ciarán Irvine for his scathing article about An Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern. During his term, what have we seen, economic, social and political decline. The Irish Government jumping into bed with NATO - a bald-faced violation of Irish neutrality, and unilaterally done. Many and varied questionable economic/business moves, looking very much like cronyism and selling of Irish business and technology interests to the highest bidder. Ahern has, if I recall correctly, presided over the hamstringing of Articles 2 and 3 - major cornerstones of Irish identity as a people. He has kowtowed to the Brits and the unionists, betraying the rights and aspirations of the nationalist population of the Six Counties. When was the last time that the rights of the Irish people were so egregiously violated? The Black and Tans, Bloody Sunday, collusion, the shoot-to-kill policy? What is Mr. Ahern's plan for Ireland's future? Does he even have a coherent policy, a framework, a vision for our young people to look to, so that they can have some sort of idea what to expect when they enter the workforce, indeed even when they retire? What has a secondary school student to look forward to when they have graduated? Will they be able to attend university? What will be the state of the job market, the economy? Will they be faced with the spectre of emigration, owing to a dearth of opportunity in Ireland. Will we witness a "brain drain" to America, England and points unknown? I realise that I have duplicated many points made by Mr. Irvine, but I felt I had the need to have my say. Ireland needs a true leader, one in the mould of - dare I say - Michael Collins. A man with vision, determination, honor, love of country and his fellow man (and women). Does such a man exist? I have no doubt of it. Let him step forward resolutely and declare that Ireland rages at the wounds inflicted upon her and that he will help her to her feet, dress her wounds, and stand against all who have, or would, inflict pain, suffering and injustice upon her. I call on him, from the depths of my being, to stand forward and take his place with Ireland's champions of bygone days. I have no doubt that Ireland's citizenry stands with me on this. We shall not be denied, not held down, not suffer the injustices of the past. Beware, oh villains, agents of the dark denizens of injustice, murder, repression and narrow-mindedness. We stand as one, as our righteous wrath shall vanquish you.

Steve McWilliams



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