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I do agree that Internationalism is important - we must stand in solidarity with those for whom we feel common cause. This must not, however in any way detract from our pursuit of a democratic 32-County State. In my opinion, that must be the driving force behind everything that we do. We have seen others (such as SF and SDLP) compromise their principles in order to sit at the Stormont assembly. By the very act of doing so, they have done much to legitimise that assembly, have grievously impaired the struggle for unity, have disenfranchised those people who they purport to represent. How many in these constituencies support the actions and speeches of their "representatives"? What is the payoff for those alleged "Republicans" in return for sitting on that pseudo-assembly? What will be next - a portrait of the queen and/or the union jack in Mr. Maskey's office? I don't take particular issue with his attending the Remembrance Day - that was only respectful, even considering that those soldiers who died were propping up a genocidal, imperialist regime.

There is much to be concerned for, the Dublin Government appears to be drawing ever closer to the Western European Union, possibly even to NATO. This is a dangerous road that Mr. Ahern and his lot are travelling down, perhaps with little consideration for the implications. Ireland is, and should always be, neutral. That very stance is called into question and must be closely monitored. The thought of Ireland and England in a common alliance is some sort of sick joke. Imagine the thought of a young Irish soldier going on maneuvers with a British Soldier or Officer who was involved in the murder of his brother, father or friend. It could happen. As well, imagine a pack of British soldiers, possibly even loyalists with the RIR who "accidentally" cause a friendly fire incident against an Irish unit. Certainly within the realm of probability.

On a more discordant note, I must say that I cannot share in your support of Mumia-abu Jamal and Leonard Peltier. The information I have had regarding both hardly compels my support. In my opinion, both have attempted to cash in on the "poor, victimised, minority denied any opportunity to get ahead". While I don't claim to have encyclopedic knowledge of either case, I feel I know enough to conclude that neither deserves anything but contempt from me.

Back to more positive things, I do believe that the Stormont assembly is unraveling every day, and that it will likely collapse or be dissolved sometime next year. At that time, I will be interested to see what actions follow from that by the Westminster and Dublin Governments, SF, SDLP, Trimble, Paisley and their gangs, the loyalist gangs, and other interested groups (such as USA). With another failed ersatz government what can Mr. Blair say or do to put a positive spin on this. Likewise Mr. Ahern. Time is running out for the ascendancy, even they must hear the insistent ticking of the clock. The day of unity draws ever closer.

"Burn everything British except their coal"

Tiocfaidh ar La,

Steve McWilliams



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