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In reading the most recent articles and letters of The Blanket, it seems one overriding element runs through them all. Hatred, a malignant, overbearing and far-reaching hatred. Not by the writers, no, but by those they write about. The pervasive hatred of one community for another. As well, there is some degree of hopelessness, despair. This is personified by those who casually state "why contact the police, they'll do absolutely nothing." And who would doubt them? The police force, never mind its trendy name change, is still the same old force. Likewise the "Royal Irish Regiment" - does anyone truly believe that the name change changed anything? Are they not still the same gang of hired thugs they have always been? Perhaps we can all come up with new names for British Army units as well. What say we call the Paras the Recreational Regiment - sounds fun, doesn't it? The Coldstream Guards can become the Purple Fuzzies - now there's a fun name! Special Branch can become the Community Friends - a truly comforting name if ever there was one. And what of the SAS? We must have a very special name for them. What would be fitting? The Spiritual Liberation Force - they excel at liberating the spirit from the body!

There is one thing certain in Ireland at this time - nothing has changed. Old animosities and bigotries remain, indeed seem to be strengthening. How many more lives must be destroyed in order to see genuine progress? Such a question will be hanging on the tongues of many in the weeks, months, years to come.





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The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
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