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Firstly, I should like to apologise for my absence of recent days - only some domestic errands which demanded my time.

As well, I wish to thank the various others for their submissions, but especially Anthony McIntyre - his writings are always incisive and thought provoking.

So what is happening now? As ever, the unionists are running to Blair, et al in an effort to force their agenda. Although, in all honesty, it must be stated that it is not Blair, but those "behind the throne" who pull the strings that make the Westminster cabal jump to their tune. Trimble is, of course, an old hand at this, he knows the right people, the right words, to get what he is looking for. Poor old boy, he must feel his manhood draining away every time he must go to the shadow folk with his petty requests.

And then there is our lad, Paisley - ever full of bluster (and a few other things) dismissing all others and insisting that his way is the only way "to save Ulster". Did you know that he was granted an honorary doctorate from an American university - the ubiquitous Bob Jones University, known widely in America as the "University of Bigotry". I do believe they are the ones who also granted Adolf Hitler a doctorate in personnel management - wonderful job he did in managing the Jews, yes? What a wonderful job they are doing in preserving and advancing the unionist legacy.

Then there is SF - they will indeed join the policing commission, gladly, I expect, and their transformation will be complete. The guardians of Republicanism indeed! Our fallen patriots shriek from on high, at the words and deeds done allegedly in their name. The betrayal nears its completion, as Adams, McLaughlin and others march in lock step behind their unionist comrades, helping to administer the British war machine in Ireland. Is it not ironic that now it is the Provisionals, not the RUC/PSNI, who accost and abuse young Republicans (and those not so young) along the interface zones, or whatever the trendy term of the day is. What are the young people to think, those who profess to represent them are instead selling them out for thirty pieces of silver. Maskey may as well remove the Tricolour from his office, he and his brethren serve the crown now.

From my observation post, thousands of miles from the front lines, it is easy, I expect, to have a distorted view of things "over there", and I trust the good people who have a much more personal experience of events will feel free to enlighten me if I have any misconceptions.

Sure, and you all know that the FBI are closely monitoring my words and deeds and will, no doubt, be crashing through my front door some day to detain me as "a threat to American security." Yea, they need only look in the mirror to see that.

So farewell for now, and let us see what the coming days bring. Up the Republic!



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