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While it is certain that popular support matters, perhaps the more operative question is 'are they living up to the ideals of the founders of the IRA?' What are the original goals, objectives, guidelines, stratagems? Is it simply to attack the Brits and their minions, whenever and wherever possible? Is it focused operations, intended to accomplish a goal or set of goals, one being to weaken the enemy, another to send a message to the world community that our cause is just, our actions are right and proper and we do enjoy popular support. As Liam O'Ruairc stated in his article, it is not necessarily essential to have a majority of declared support (and remember that the silent majority is there), only a sizeable level of support.

Physical force Republicanism should not be dead - it should be alive, perhaps not so robust as we would like, but alive nonetheless. The direction it should take is, perhaps, in question, but its objectives remain the same. While Brits and unionists cry "decommissioning" (for Republicans only, mind you) and make demands on SF, true Republicans are unwavering and remain focused on "the prize". Perhaps the operative question at this time is "who is the IRA?" Who remains steadfastly committed to the principles of 1916, of 1798? Who is best equipped and motivated to carry Republicanism forward? Not necessarily the largest, the most active, the most vocal. Those who remain true to the founding ideals are those who deserve our support, our respect, the appelation of THE IRA. That is where we stand. Stand forward, lads, and assume the mantle of leadership.



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The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
- Hubert H. Humphrey





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