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Sabra and Shatila

Steve McWilliams • 25.9.02


Once again, Anthony McIntyre has stated, with great eloquence, the sickening details of yet another Israeli atrocity. Then Defence Minister Ariel Sharon, if not directly involved, gave license to the Phalangists to engage in a pogrom, a blood-soaked orgy of rape, torture and murder not seen again until the genocide of Rwanda, or the ethnic cleansing of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Kosovo. While the world community acted swiftly and decisively on these latter atrocities, Sabra and Shatila were pushed aside and forgotten by the world "leaders". And why? Because of the perpetrators of these heartless atrocities - the Israelites.

There is an unspoken rule in the halls of power of Washington D.C., "if the Israelis did it, it must be right." Not only do the Israelis get $10+ billion from us every year, they also get our blessing on whatever acts they choose to engage in. Do you notice that every time the Israelis attack Arafat's compund, it is he who receives the toungue-lashing, not the Israeli Army? Whether or not you believe that Arafat has become irrelevant (and I do), the Israeli's actions are akin to the Bush Administration's stated intent to depose Saddam Hussein. What gives us (or the Israelis) the right? If one were able to dig deep into the files and archives of the Mossad or Shin Beth, the extent of savagery, of hatred, of unbridled lawlessness and depravity would rival Hitler, Stalin, and the Cultural Revolution. The Israeli regime is saturated with the blood of its victims. It must surely be some sort of sick joke that the butcher of Sabra and Shatila now sits in the Prime Minister's chair in Israel.


No less criminal are the "suicide bombers" that afflict the Israeli people. I recently had a discussion with a friend and asked him "How would you feel on leaving your house in the morning, not knowing if you would return that evening?" It is unacceptable that the Israeli must feel this way. Do these people (the bombers) not see that they play into the hands of Sharon and his ilk? Bomb a border post, a military base, the Israeli Parliament, but not innocent civilians. Yes, you are at war, but a true soldier does not make war on the innocent.


So where are we now? How can we have peace when a war criminal sits in power in Israel? Will he ever be made to answer for his crimes? Indeed, on the same day that Blair and Queen Liz admit to 800+ years of atrocity, murder, repression, dispossession and murderous imperialism, offer their profound apologies and kiss the feet of every Irish citizen and member of the Diaspora. Sure, and rivers will run backwards first.



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