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Wherever Green Is Worn

Steve McWilliams • 22.09.02


I read with great interest Anthony McIntyre's review of this latest (I assume) foray by Mr Coogan into Irish affairs. Have grown to deeply respect Mr. McIntyre and his views in the relatively short time I have been visiting this site - I was taken with his stinging criticism of Coogan's work. I have read both "The Troubles" and "The IRA" by Coogan, and felt both were adequately written, if somewhat tending towards the unionist/loyalist side of things. I also felt both were over-long, and it was sometimes difficult to continue reading, as I sometime felt my thoughts wandering to such concerns as "are my shoes tied properly", "what will I fix for supper tonight" or " did I put the fabric softener in with the laundry"? Though both offered a wealth of information, its presentation and obvious bias made both difficult read. I respect Mr. McIntyre opinions, and will scratch "Wherever Green is Worn" off my 'to read' list.

My thanks and sympathies to Anthony McIntyre for his valiant slog through the volume.



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