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Reply to Sean O'Torain
Steve McWilliams • April 28, 2003

Have you ever stopped to consider for even one minute how idiotic and mindless you sound while slavishly spouting the partisan propaganda that your "labor organization" indoctrinates you with? It never changes from person to person or year to year. The same old socialist excrement - one would think that Marx and Engels, Lenin and Stalin, Mao and Ho Chi Minh had left a playbook that your supremos referred to and canned statements full of buzzwords appropriate to the occasion. Your alleged "anti-war" demonstration is every bit as canned as your slogans. Whether arranged by the "Workers World Party" , "A.N.S.W.E.R.", the "World Peace Congress" or any other reactionary den of morons, it has nothing to do with protest, civil disobedience, or free speech. Rather it is a pack of smalled minded ideologues trying to ram their viewpoints and prejudices down the throats of the general public. They and you will always be a small, marginalized minority, because people capable of rational thought and free will dismiss the likes of you and your socialist cabal out of hand. Why not consider going and joining your socialist brethren in one of their "socialist paradises" - China, Cuba, Libya, North Korea? I can see you now, on the beach in Havana, telling your sob story to the Cuban security forces. I can assure you, few in this country will miss you.

Steve McWilliams







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