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Victory to the Turkish Hunger Strikers

Sean Matthews


The steadfast resistance struggle is still continuing in the jails in Turkey. The hungerstrikers are making a principled and dedicated stand against the oppressive Turkish Regime. They are fighting for the same ideals which the Irish Hunger strikers sacrificed their lives for - the right to be recognised as PRISONERS OF WAR! These brave and honourable men and women are fighting against the aggressors who are attempting to CRIMINALIZE their legitimate liberation struggle.

We must all show are solidarity and support for the Hunger strikers by writing letters to those who are in the Turkish admininstration or your local Representative asking them to highlight the current situation in Turkey. There are many other ways such as telling friends, family about the plight of the Hunger strikers. In doing so we are repaying those gallant people who gave magnificant support across the world to the 1980/81 Irish Hunger strikes.

Over 130 men and women have laid down their lives for freedom, justice, peace and liberty and many others are willing to follow their brave footsteps. Over the last two years there has been a total media blackout about the fragmented situation in Turkey, but it is not too late now for people to show their utmost oppostion to Turkey and its brutal bully- boy tactics by boycotting this naked tyranny and spreading the Huger strikers' determination and commitment to liberation.

These revolutionaries currently involved in the struggle are deliberately isolated in F-Type prisons which has shown to be physically and mentally damaging. They are subjected to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, thereby contravening the UN Convention against Torture and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. The UN standard Minimum Rules for the treatment of Prisoners emphasizes very clearly the importance of contact with the outside world, the rehabilitive aspects of imprisonment and access to constructive work, education, and recreation. All these basic principles of human rights are being denied to them. On top of this they are daily subjected to beatings, torture and ill-treatment by the Prison authorities.

It is our duty to make a dignified stand for Human Rights, including justice and liberty!





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