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Sean Matthews • Feb. 2003


We must all make a concertive, collective and conscious effort to boycott the fruits of Occupation and all those individuals, commercials who cooperate with the racist, aggressive apartheid state of Israel.


Marks & Spencers are the main instigators who are actively supporting Israel's terrorist actions through Economic collaboration and thereby are contributing to the illegal, fascist military occupation of Palestinian areas.
"M&S supports Israel with £233 milllion in trade every year" (Jerusalem Report, 5 June 2000).
"One of the objectives of M&S is to aid the economic development of Israel" ( Lord Marcus Staff, long-time chairman of M&S).
"We are close to Israel as we have never been" (M&S spokesperson to the Jewish Chronicle, 22 Dec 2000).


While at the same time Israel has been condemned by various human rights groups and others such as Oxfam, 'The extended toll of this conflict has left over a million Palestinians in a situation of chronic poverty that will take decades to reverse under the best of circumstances.'


Over the last three years Israeli military forces have committed crimes against humanity, against a defenceless nation which has included all forms of repression and humiliation. These oppressed peoples live in the biggest concentration camp in the world as they live under marshal law and are subjected to gross Nazi brutality. A recent survey showed that over 2,000 Palestinians have died over the last 2 years, and tragically 30% being children. Israeli policy in the Palestinian areas is to shoot dead children who throw stones at their repressive tanks. Let it be known that Palestinians are fearful that this appalling situation of Iraq will provide Nazi Sharon with the smoke screen to continue his extermination campaign in Palestinian areas.


We call for a total boycott of Israeli products and leisure tourism similiar to that which contributed to the downfall of the apartheid regime in S.Africa. This boycott should remain in place until a Sovereign, Independent Palestine is formed. Together we can make a stand for freedom and justice!


Don't provide them with the tools to continue their illegal fascist occupation of Palestinian and their evil, obsolute inhuman atrocities such as Jenin Refugee Camp.





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- Hubert H. Humphrey





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