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Socialism Without Freedom Is Slavery And Brutality; Freedom Without Socialism Is Injustice And A Privilege
The state corrupts the purest and the best. So to keep to our revolutionary virtue, we must not expose ourselves to its pernicious infection.” - Captain Jack White (ICA)

Sean Matthews

The comments made by the letter posted on the 15 November in response to my letter of so-called ‘gibberish’ are to be welcomed. I respect your point of view, which contains a number of valid points that are in need of some form of answer. Such discussion and debate in our society is vital, especially as authority under any disguise stifles individual initiative, critical analysis and dignity and instead ensures compliance, conformity and obedience. People outside this ridged elitism are immediately looked upon as aliens or strangers and are deliberately silenced by force etc., which for me to remain silent is to collaborate with our oppressors.

Firstly you equate me to an ‘intellectual … which is fine over a cup of tea’. I am neither an intellectual nor some that sits in an ivory tower and knows what's best for society. Anarchists do not seek to ‘lead’ people, but to play an active role in the world wide working class struggle against the parasitic minority who divide and rule us by using all instruments of division including sectarianism and racism. Anarchism otherwise known as libertarian communism has always been inherent in the working class by their desire for equality and liberty and to control their own destiny and fate in cooperation free from those who seek to led and control us. The spirit of revolt will never die within us. The working classes have a proud history of spontaneous class struggle against the rich and powerful and its protector the state, including the anti-colonial revolt here in 1969, poll tax rebellion and the current bintifada in Dublin, just to mention a few.

I make no apologies for my opposition to capitalism which basically rests on the exploitation and domination of the working classes, which has proved fatal for millions upon millions of citizens around the world. The fact that the world's richest 324 people have the combined wealth of 40% of the world's poorest tells others and me that it has failed the people, except for the boss class. At the minute we are seeing the American ruling class advancing the corporate agenda, the agenda of the rich and the complete agenda of oppression and subjection. However we will never bow to the neo-liberal agenda however extravagant and moderate it appears. At the minute, (just to mention a few) the battle of liberation is being fought in the gallows of Palestine, in the streets of Dublin, in the hills of the Chiapas in Mexico, all across Latin America and in the death chambers of Turkey. It’s a fire of hope, it’s a fire of freedom and it’s a fire of social justice that will never be distinguished! Capitalism’s plight and burden can be vividly seen in the streets and ghettos of the North of Ireland including high unemployment (especially in N.Belfast), misery, squalor, neglect, homelessness and suffering, all caused by a lethal cocktail of competition and enshrined inequality. Not to mention the recent report published claiming that just about half of our children live below the government’s official poverty line. You can call me an utopian or whatever but I am a truth seeker, and will never remain in ‘my place’ as a subservient spectator while our rulers continue to assist in the rampant imperialist war against the dispossessed masses around the world. An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere! (Gandhi) There is no peace between right and wrong, truth and falsehood, justice and oppression, master and slave.

What should be disturbing is the fact that the coming Neo-colonial parliament on the hill, will not tackle the daily problems of the working classes on issues that I have outlined above and the almost weekly job reductions in the textile sector including Desmonds and the current industrial dispute at Shorts. Instead there will be the same old sectarian parties fighting for their share of the sectarian privilege of the scraps from their master's table at Westminster, as well as administering British capitalist rule! Has the GFA delivered the goods to the working classes in employment and housing etc.? Where is the peace dividend which we were promised, and has there been any real improvement in the lives of the working classes since its signing? You may say that it is too soon to judge, but 6 years is a long time in politics and going by current rhetoric, spin-doctoring amongst the four main players, it seems nothing has changed. Only time will tell!

There is a valid point in the essence that if nationalists don’t vote, it will result in a greater evil coming to power? Going by the party of constitutional nationalism's (ie Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum) past record in health and education, a donkey could do better! It was one of failure, apart from the proposal put forward to abolish the discredited and criminal 11 plus. Bairbre De Brun took up a difficult task, which took courage but she made so many mistakes that they are too long to list. The discipline amongst Sinn Fein ranks ensured nobody spoke out. One of the most major blunders was the signing away of our public services to corporate greed, which will have dire long-term consequences. I am quite confident from the wealth of historical evidence that if a greater evil did come to power it would be fiercely resisted and overthrown by a strong and determined working class, not by the rather diempowering act of electing a master every 4 years, as it is impossible to fight a raging fire with a water pistol! Real change can come about from where we work and live by collectively organising together as equals and by imposing direct action as a deadly weapon in winning reforms. This can curb and cut the respect of governments as millions of crosses on bits of paper never will. Instead of participating in an election we expose the State for what it is, a hierarichal system designed to ensure a minority in any clothes coerce, dominate and oppress the majority. We are into the politics of empowerment, inclusion and co-operaton through people actively taking ownership of their own lives by wresting power back from these parasites. Ordinary people in the communities and workplaces should have the power to make decisions that affect them. You also made the assumption that people on the ‘other side’ would automatically vote for loyalists or Unionists leaving Nationalists in the lurch which is far from the truth because since the signing of the GFA there has been a sharp polarization in the underclasses, leaving Protestant working class areas feeling vulnerable and isolated As I am writing seven fellow comrades in Greece are on hungerstrike, virtually on their last breath. They were arrested and incarcerated over the summer during an anti-globalisation demonstration. Media pictures clearly show Simon Chapman’s bag being deliberated implanted with explosives by Greece security forces. They are fighting as part of the struggle for the liberation of mankind from the chains of confinement and isolation.

Our passion for freedom and liberty is greater than your institutions of enslavement!

“It is not those who inflict the most, but those who endure the most will be victorious!” (Terence McSwiney). They are inside for us; we are outside for them!




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