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Collaborators And Traitors

Sean O Lubaigh


Politicians of all shades, especially the SDLP, have been trying their very best to get nationalists to commit to and join the Police Service of Northern Ireland. As the SDLP have signed onto the Police Board they have no option but to endorse it. The Provisionals will continue to stay on the fence and will jump only when and until it further enhances their needs and interests politically. And at some point they will indeed jump. In the meantime they have their own “Plain Clothes” Provos policing nationalist areas and flash points. These Provo bully squads stand between nationalist street fighters and Brit Crown Forces/ Loyalist murder mobs. The Irish street defenders' aim is only to protect life and property from the Loyalist Forces. Those brave Defenders who dare to cross the Provo Police and stand up to fight for the rights and freedom of the Irish have been dragged from homes in the middle of the night and been met with a bullet in the leg, as the Nationalists can attest. However, no amount of terror be it from the Brits, Loyalists, Provos or Free Staters imposed on Republicans can stem the tide toward complete and total Irish emancipation and freedom.

The question that needs be asked of the leading endorsers of the Police Service of Northern Ireland is this; do you tell the young ladies and men that by the very act of joining up they swear to uphold Brit rule over the Irish? That they swear to enforce the foreign laws of an illegal occupying country? That they swear to support a sectarian-based artificial statelet where the will of the people on the whole island is denied? That they swear to only copper fasten Brit rule in Ireland and by doing so help to encourage the status quo of the Free Staters? Are they being told the realities or is the lure of the monies and pensions blinding the truths? For those Republicans who only want to break the chains of Brit rule and support Irish freedom with the restoration of a Democratic Socialist Republic, we see those who join the Service only as they can be seen, collaborators and traitors.





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The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
- Hubert H. Humphrey





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