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Sean O Lubaigh


The “Patriot Act” is now in full implementation here in the states and the resulting infringements on citizens rights are becoming known and absorbed by all, as the rose colored glasses are becoming quite jaded. Maybe someone now in the reactionary Bush war administration can calmly sit back and look towards Ireland and the occupied six counties to see what thirty years of “Special Governmental Powers” and “Emergency Acts” have bred. Every aspect of a citizen’s life is now a wide-open book to the U.S.Government if the citizen is so designated an undesirable. Be it through the library, schools, collages, employers, Internet usage, phones, banks, medical records or whatever is needed to get the person, the full force of powers will be used.

In Ireland, the Brit and Free State “Special Governmental Power acts” were created for the sole purpose of securing Brit and their collaborists rule over the Irish peoples. To secure a partitioned two state system that ignored the free votes of the Irish as a unit in the 1918 election and through betrayal and blood forced what is the Un-Republican Ireland we have today. Although America is not occupied by a foreign country, there is a significant population of citizens who totally abhor the route General Bush is taking.

The Brits and their puppets used their powers almost exclusively against Volunteers of the Irish Republican Movement and their Patriot fighters who carry on 900-year struggle for Irish freedom. Would these powers the Bush neo reactionaries have gained be used to the detriment of society to secure their vision of America`s future course? Look towards Ireland for the answers.

The Brits and their allies in Dublin have bred a society of division, deceptions, coercion’s, media manipulation, torture tactics, special juryless courts in which the rights of man or woman are thrown in the wind and the governmental corruption that is rampit. All for what? To keep power and status quo no matter the cost? Silencing dissenting voices is becoming the norm by the Dublin government. They have continued to harass, intimidate and arrest member of the Republican Sinn Fein political party for no more reason but for their continuing commitment to Irish freedom and breaking the chains of Brit bondage and to call for accountability by the Dublin government.

The Irish government create outrageous bail conditions for the Republicans so as to silence the voices of truth. They prosecute on trumped up charges that would not stand in a regular court and evidence that is dubious. As of now we must bring to light that Ireland is currently holding the “Limerick Seven” who are all leading voices of Republican Sinn Fein and exspouse differing views for a future Ireland like the Eire Nua Program. Why? The powers cannot create an environment of open and honest debate because their position will not hold up. So they use the full weight of authority to still the ripple of decent. I bring this up because it all started as a one time “Governmental Act” to combat a certain threat but is still in effect thirty years later and encompasses much more. We are right to question those who hold power and who want more powers. American nativity ended in Viet Nam, Iran- Contra, Watergate and the corruption of politics by corporate wants and the greed of money.




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The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
- Hubert H. Humphrey





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