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War Drums

Sean O Lubaigh


The war drums beating in Washington and London will not drown out the continuing struggle for Irish freedom. In America, Ireland and Britain, true Republicans will bring to the forefront the illegitimate hold over Ireland and the bastard entity called Northern Ireland that the Brits and monies from the multi-national conglomerate companies that hold sway over those politicians who are in charge. The vice of oppressive laws keeps tightening on the civil liberties of citizens who dare to question those who hold power. The Brits and Free Staters say to Republicans to “stand down” and join the Brit created institutions in the north and south and become part of the Brit neocolonialism program. The Provos have shown to date in which direction they choose to go but Revolutionary Republicans only see the dead end street they tread.

Republicans are encouraged to join hands with those who hold a knife at your back. To join hands with those who seek to censor political speech, thought and discourse. Join hands with those who jail Republicans on perjured testimonies and tainted evidence. Join hands with those who blitz, raid and ransack a house where a Republican Sinn Fein political meeting was being held. Join hands with those who use the censorship of free speech and confiscation of political newspapers like Saoirse for selling the truth. Join hands with those who seek to hold onto graft, power and corruption without regard to honesty and conscience. Join hands with those that have hung and shot Republicans at the forefront of freedom. Join hands with those who use special laws and courts, only for Republicans, to send them to prison. To join hands with those who continue to deny POW status to Republican Patriot Fighters, Never! What have the Brits and collaborationists shown Republicans in the past that they are to be trusted? There is no question as to those who seek to show the fraud that the Brits imposed on the peoples is illegitimate. The total disregard of the free votes of the Irish peoples as a unit in 1918 to follow the path of Republicanism shown by Sinn Fein and the establishment of a Democratic Socialist Republic was the Brits folly. Their response was with weapons of terror and war to drive their point home. Up to this very day the governments continue their hold of power by threat, force, coercion, and deception to keep the working class in a docile position, all with the help of the money bosses, media and people of the cloth.

Keep the natives divided and they pose no threat but to themselves. Unfortunately this policy has worked well for the Brits over 900 years. An enslaved society is a dying one and Republicans will continue to rattle the chains of Brit bondage that deny man and woman the right of real freedom in a wholly equal and democratic nation, that can bloom the fruits that freedom provides. This fight will far outlast the leather skins of drums that reverberate the current beating, for history has proven, time is of no consequence to the Irish.






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The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
- Hubert H. Humphrey





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