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No Political Cover From The Provos Wanted

Sean O Lubaigh • Feb 15 2003


In the aftermath of the Patriot Fighters from the Continuity Irish Republican Army’s attack on occupation and collaborationists forces in Enniskillen the last week, some clarification of Provo MP Ms. Gildernew's remarks, as quoted in the Irish News, must be addressed. No Republican who believes in the cause of real Irish Freedom would ask, want or accept “political Cover” from Gildernew or any Provo. That military attack was about National Liberation, not for the upkeep of Provos in the Queen's pay at Stormont, Westminster or Leinster House. Gildernew MP continues to claim that those who strike out for freedom want no peace. The opposite could not be truer. Aye, it is peace with justice for all we seek, it is peace without colonial occupation forces securing a false peace and it is the Irish people acting as a unit to determine their own future and fate among the nations of the world we seek.

Republicans will not accept a peace that will only copperfasten Brit rule, which is what the Good Friday Charade has delivered, for peace cannot be had in an agreement that promises contradictory outcomes in the end game for nationalists and loyalists alike. Republicans do have a strategy to achieve peace and political change called EIRE NUA as put forth by Sinn Fein Poblachtact. A 32 County Democratic Socialist Republic in a federated four province government is a blueprint for reconciliation, peace and unity that in the end will guarantee liberty, equality and the rights of the working class. EIRE NUA is a vehicle for change and no matter how much the Provos try to silence Republican views and deny their existence, “micro groups” such as Sinn Fein Poblachtach will carry the spark of freedom forward.




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