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Capitalist Terrorism
Sean O Lubaigh • 28 September 2003

Dear Comrades,


The chains that bind the working class is ever tightening and enslaving labor to the new “capitalist terrorism”. This is not just an American phenomenon but can be seen taking place in industrial capitalist societies throughout the world. The power of the working class has eroded to a mere whimper as wages, benefits and working conditions continue their downward slide. The new breed “business suit” labor leaders can crow and paint a very jaded picture but reality shows they have been on their back heels for years. Whose interests are being served by the high echelon of labor? The working class has now been turned into the working poor. Enough givebacks! Enough regression! Enough caving in! Its time that the workers force their labor bosses to end the labor retreat. If they will not stand their ground then revolutionary new labor militancy will roll them under. Old and tired remedies cannot change the erosion of workers' rights. As the corporate terrorists multi-national CEOs take millions and millions from the company coffers in the most obscene arrogant imaginable way, they hold the workers hostage with the threats of layoffs and plant closings unless wages are reduced and benefits slashed all to drive up the stocks so the corporate dividends keep going to the wealthy. The corporate terrorists will gladly move a factory to a third world country paying slave wages to increase their profits, all in the name of staying competitive in the world market. Leaving behind a blight on the working classes soul and all the social ills that befall a beaten down and trod upon peoples. This is capitalism run amok! The governments are useless in the fight for the workers because they are beholden to all the money that flows to them from the corporate big wigs. The politicians feed from the troughs with a relish and are beholden to their masters. The greed takers' feet must be held to the fire and those corporate terrorists must be accountable and fought tooth and nail. Be it walk outs, shut downs, stoppages and mass demonstrations, the voice of the toiling working class will be heard. We are reaching the point where there is nothing left to give back and to lie down and take it on the chin again is not an option. Better to go down with pride intact than surrender to the injustice of this new capitalist rape.


Sincerely Sean O Lubaigh







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