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March 17th "Lovefest"

Sean O Lubaigh

Politicians on both sides of the Atlantic are all gearing up for the annual Irish “lovefest” celebrating ST. Patrick’s Day. The exodus of Irish politicians to the States has become an annual ritual where bonding, blarney and “staged” events are the order for the day. Politicians including Irish leader Ahern to Unionists leaders from the north and even Adams and his followers from Provisional Sinn Fein will be assembled. Talk of the stalled Belfast Agreement will be on every ones minds when they meet in Washington and to what can get the process moving again. “Green” maybe the order of the day including the feeling in my stomach of the U.S. governments policy in continuing to deny VISAS to Political leaders from the true Republican political party, Republican Sinn Fein. Republican Sinn Fein politicians are steadily denied access to the Irish American populace and to put forth their ideas to a just and lasting peace in Ireland. Why? Because Republican Sinn Fein refuses to accept the presence of Brit occupying forces in six counties. Because they refuse the legitimacy of the sectarian Brit Statelet in the north. Because the Irish people as a whole and voting as a unit were denied due democratic processes in their fight for national sovereignty and self determination. Republican Sinn Fein will accept nothing less than a total Brit withdrawal from Ireland. Only then can the process of peace and reconciliation be achieved. Republican Sinn Fein has put forth their EIRE NUA policy; witch would create a Federal Democratic Socialist Republic with maximum devolved policy made at the local and community level. Power will derive from the people up, not from the politicians down! Repulicans Sinn Fein’s EIRE NUA proposal should be able to be put forth to supporters in the States because the Brit instigated Belfast Agreement has no chance in the long term for success. To selectively deny Irish Republicans access to their Irish American audience is an impingement on our right to free and open discourse and a form of political censorship. The shame is Americans are taught how the founding fathers fought to the death to gain freedom and how proud we should be; yet the Irish are denied the same right to freedom.





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