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Sean O Lubaigh


One of the greatest challenges facing the supporters of Irish freedom is in sustaining and giving the much needed aid and support to the Irish Republicans POWs and their loved ones left at home. Those dependent families whose meager means are stretched to the breaking point require and deserve our support in their hour of need.


There is no more a generous group than Irish Republicans in taking care for their own. Hundreds of years of resistance have proven this out. As the Irish Republican POWs and members of the freedom struggle are held by the occupied north and collaborist south, an all out campaign for full political status is on going. Status was stripped by the signers of the failed Stormont Agreement, including the Provos. So now we are back to the conditions in the mid 1970s where “dirty protests” were ongoing and the threat of more drastic measures by the POWs was contemplated. Although we have seen a cautious victory in Republicans being segregated from Loyalists in Maghaberry much more needs to be won.


To give those front line fighters for freedom the assurance that their dependents at home are being looked after is as great a gift as can be given. The Irish POWs' peace of mind goes along way to their continuing resistance to the forces of occupation and suppression.


It must also be brought out that the Free State political police have been targeting members and supporters of political resistance groups and political parties, such as (Republican) Sinn Fein, to an onslaught of intimidation, harassment and censorship. No better example would be the recent “show” trial of the Limerick 7. An attempt by the Free State to use a non- independent judicial to stop the cause of freedom. The consequences of these “show” trials and draconian bail conditions set upon those whose aim is Irish freedom has proven to be a costly hardship to the Republican political activists and their families. Their needs must be met as well.


The Republican freedom movement will not die and go away, it is here for the duration. We must show those front line forces of Irish freedom their dependents are being looked after, especially the children. Warm coats, shoes that fit, nutritional food for the body and mind, goes along way to ease the mental anguish of Irish POWs. Never forget those youngsters are the future and the next generation of Irish Republicanism.








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