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A Vote for Stormont is a Vote for the Status Quo
Sean O Lubaigh • 26 October 2003


A vote cast in the soon to be upcoming Stormont elections is a vote for the continuing Brit occupation in Ireland, politically and militarily. The resurrection of the “power sharing” structures of government is akin to the old land lord system whereby the owners of the old estates lived the good life in England and had their hired lackeys to do their dirty bidding on their estates in Ireland. The hired overseers of yesterday are the soon to be politicians who will be voted into Stormont to over see the six county “estates” at the behest of their paymasters, the Brits.


I would call on all real freedom loving peoples and Republicans to boycott the upcoming elections as it only servers to copperfasten Brit rule under a guise of a power sharing democracy and in pseudo independent structures. And just what would those politicians have power sharing in? An illegitimate bastard state born from the Brit force of arms against the majority of the peoples in Ireland acting as a unit! As the Brit neo-colonial police force (PSNI) enforce the laws the Brit neo-colonial politicians will sit in an assembly and make the laws for the Brits.


The past has proven that the Good Friday Agreement is a contradictory, unworkable solution and feeds the sectarian hatred that the Brits have used for their advantage since the plantation. The people of the six counties deserve honesty and forthright answers. How is this Stormont assembly to differ from the past failures? It will not bring a just and lasting peace to Ireland! It will not create an equal society based on trust and fraternity! The Stormont Assembly will not create a real solution for the working class as they serve their capitalist interests. And by no stretch of the imagination will the military occupation cease. As long as the Dublin, Washington and London axis continues to impose and look over their own special interests (capital, military and political) their will be no real change.


If its status quo you want that’s what you will get. A revolutionary Republican Irish alternative is out there to be looked at, “Eire Nua”. Bring fourth more ideas. What does the Irish Republican Socialist Party put forward as a means to reclaiming the 1916 Democratic Socialist Republic? Step up all Republicans and state a plan of action because Stormont is not the answer in the long or short term. Radical change means revolutionary action. Do not vote for those who will sit in Stormont and since no abstentionists are running show your disgust and boycott.









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