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Sean O Torain • Feb. 2003


The Bush regime is preparing the ground to go to war against Iraq. In doing so it is carrying out the policy of the major US corporations which is to dominate the world. Here at home these same corporations are stepping up their war against US working people, attacking wages, benefits, living standards and rights. Their thinking is clear: US big business intends to rule the world, it intends to amass greater and greater profits and any force that stands in its way is to be crushed. The US corporations and their corrupt capitalist system are being helped in carrying out their offensive by the methods of the Bin Laden organization and the Iraqi regime. The brutality of Al Qaeda on September 11th, the vicious dictatorship in Iraq, both of which were nurtured and financed by the US government in the past, are now used to hide the real reason for the war against Iraq and the "war against terrorism". The real reason is the expansion and consolidation of US corporate power internationally.

However the size and scale of the anti-war movement which is already developing is very encouraging. If at this stage there are hundreds of thousands prepared to march and organize we can expect an even bigger movement when the fighting would actually begin. But here in the US open war against Iraq can temporarily strengthen the feeling that “our boys and girls must be supported” and for a time this can increase support for the war. Therefore when the war starts the clash of opinions and movements here at home will intensify. The anti-war movement must take this into account and have policies that appeal to the broader layers of the US population and to the US and international working class as a whole. While doing so it must honestly explain the real forces that are involved.

Dan Labor believes the force that can stop the US led capitalist offensive at home and abroad, that can stop the war against Iraq, that can end the dictatorial regimes abroad, that can end support for Al Qaeda and such groups, is the international working class. It is working class people who will be faced with paying the price of the war through dying on the battle field and attacks on their living standards - lower wages, less health care and education, higher prices, higher taxes etc. Working people will therefore be continually thrown into conflict with the war. And it is the working class that has the power to do something about these issues through its ability to stop production, communications, energy generation and distribution, water supply, transportation etc. Dan Labor’s aim therefore is to build an anti- capitalist working class opposition to the war around the following policies.

#Oppose the threatened war and the sanctions against Iraq, and oppose the US corporate led offensive abroad which is aimed at dominating the the world and intensifying the attack on working people throughout the world.

#Oppose the US corporations, their corrupt capitalist system and their war against the US working class at home which consists of attacks on working peoples' wages, benefits, living standards and rights.

#Oppose all attempts to make Arab and Muslim communities pay for the attacks of Al Qaeda and oppose the attacks on democratic rights in the US and internationally.

#Oppose all dictatorial regimes such as those in Iraq and oppose the attempt by the US backed Israeli regime to deny the Palestinian people their rights.

#Oppose all actions and organizations which aim to terrorize and slaughter working people such as those carried out by Al Qaeda On September 11th, as well as those carried out by the US and other governments in the US invasions of Panama, Grenada, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. as well as the present attacks by US led forces in country after country.

#For working class unity internationally to end the corrupt capitalist system which keeps the majority of the people of the world in want and oppression. From this capitalist hell rises support for organizations such as Al Qaeda. There can be no security, no decent life for people in the US or any part of the world as long as the want and oppression of capitalism exists.

#For a new world based on collective democratic ownership, control and utilization of the resources of the world and for these resources to be used in a sustainable way to create a decent life for all the peoples of the world.

#For international working class solidarity and collective democratic action as the alternative to the dictatorship of capitalism which rules the world and is destroying life as we know it.

Building an anti-capitalist working class movement against the war is not only a question of the right policies which we believe we outline above. It is also how the movement should orient and act. We believe that the following approach should be taken.

#The workplaces, the working class neighborhoods, the union locals, the working class schools and colleges should be the priority areas to which the anti-war movement directs its work. The more the anti-war movement is based on the working class the more powerful it will be and the more it will be able to win to its side the middle class sections of the population.

#Resolutions against the war which place responsibility for it and for such slaughters as September 11th, the occupation of Palestine, the invasion of Afghanistan, sanctions against Iraq, etc, on the corporations' corrupt
capitalist system, should be put before the union locals and bodies, the neighborhood and tenants associations, and the student unions in the schools and colleges.

#Such resolutions should contain the commitment to organize mass meetings to discuss these issues in the workplaces, the schools and colleges and to link with the neighborhood associations to organize mass rallies in the
neighborhoods. Let working people consider the issues and speak.

#The mobilizing of such a movement should aim for mass collective direct actions that would oppose the policies of the Bush regime which is the government of the corporations. In building the movement direct action by smaller groups will be important but this should not be considered in isolation but should be taken keeping in mind how it will affect the building of the mass movement and mass working class direct action which in the last analysis will be decisive.

#The anti-war working class movement should help the ranks of the armed forces organize themselves collectively to make their views known as well as deal with their day to day problems.

#The anti-capitalist working class movement against the war should hope to be able to organize toward general strike actions to make their views known and their polices a reality.

Dan Labor stands for an anti-capitalist working class movement against the war. We also believe that the anti global capitalist movement should increase its efforts to build a base amongst working class communities and in the workplace and in the unions. After Seattle and Quebec big business and their states have had some success in isolating the anti-global capitalist movement from working people and their problems. We believe in taking up the day to day problems of working people, explaining how these are caused by the profit addicted global capitalist system and the present offensive of this system and we believe in trying to organize direct action to confront these problems and to do so collectively with working people. Those who agree with our polices or would like to discuss them please contact us at:





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