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Do you regret being American?
Steve McWilliams


A more appropriate question for Annie Higgins is "do you regret not using your brain?" You've been listening to your comissars for too long, taking in and regurgitating their partisan idiocy like some mindless puppet. Doctor indeed! Doctor of what? From reading your incoherent rant, one would have to assume that you would have trouble comprehending the label on a cereal box, never mind being capable of higher education. If you dislike the governmental form of this country so much, pick somewhere more to your liking, go there, and good riddance.

Yes, it is true that every administration since the founding of Israel has been far too oriented toward the Israelis, to the detriment of the other nations of the region. However, do inform me - exactly what "assassinations" in Iraq are you referring to? As well, what would you have done as regards Iraq? Lease a brutal, bloodthirsty, amoral regime in power. Appease Saddam Hussein with promises of aid, while ignoring his repressive, murderous machine? While military action must be a last resort, how long are we to wait before acting? Hussein had been in power for 24 years, had blatantly disregarded UN resolutions for 12 years, and were actively engaged in production of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Would you be so inclined to appease him if he were a fascist rather than a proto-socialist? No, if you must spout your partisan idiocy, do it in a small window-less room where nobody else will hear it. Emerge in thirty or forty years when you have had enough time for contemplation, and may finally have become capable of rational thought.

Steve McWilliams (Minot, North Dakota)






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