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Sticking Together and Hanging
TJ O Conchuir • 19 November 2003

First I wanted to thank Mr. Solo for pointing out that Bush does not represent us, the American People. The world would do well to remember that we protested the war and that anti-Americanism doesn't equal anti-Imperialism anymore than hating protestents equals Irish republicanism.


Marty writes in his piece "Inductive Writing Doesn't Make it So" that comrade O Comain was "99% wrong". Unfortunately for the rest of the unenlightened, he doesn't offer a single piece of evidence to support this claim.


The issue of Gerry Armani and co. staying at fancy hotels, associating with an American President, etc stems from the fact that their flock is out there throwing rocks at the RUC, going hungry, watching their hospitals disappear, taking part in protests and suffering for the cause. Meanwhile the leadership is in digs more comfortable than most "rich" Americans will ever experience.


The Good Friday Agreement and the new assembly aren't based on "American rights". Contrary to what is preached in the states, what is pursued in the north currently is consensus and consent, not democracy. And just to clear things up, yes, associating openly with the world's leader of imperialism (whether you call it humanitarian intervention or not isn't the point) isn't consistent with being an Irish freedom fighter.


You say we should stick together or "hang". But what if sticking together and following said leaders leads us to hang? It seems history would argue the latter.





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