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UN Vote on US Economic Blockade of Cuba
Douglas Hamilton • 5 November 2003


Dear Editor,

On Tuesday 4 November 2003, the United Nations voted for the twelfth consecutive time to oppose the US economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba. This year a record 179 countries (including Ireland and Britain) voted against the blockade, with only the US, Israel and the Marshall Islands supporting itscontinuation.

The illegal, unjust and immoral blockade of Cuba by the US continues to create huge shortages and hardship for the Cuban people and must be lifted. Given increased threats from the US, including the real possibility of military invasion, a recent tightening of the blockade by George W. Bush (despite Congressional opposition) and increased hostility towards Cuba by the EU, international support for the Cuban Revolution and the country's right to national self-determination free from US interference has never been greater. The US government must be made to listen and act on the democratic and moral will of the United Nations.

Yours sincerely,

Douglas Hamilton
Belfast Co-ordinator

Post script: This letter was sent to ten Irish daily, weekly and Sunday newspapers. To my knowledge not one of them published it. What's worse is that the key international issue of the overwhelming defeat of the US in the UN over its position towards Cuba was, again to my knowledge, not reported on at all in any of these newspapers. This is in contrast to every Spanish language newspaper in Latin America and the Spanish state which gave the issue front page coverage.

Cuba Support Group - Belfast
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