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Time to Face the Toll
Victor Barker • 14 January 2004

I refer to Mr O Ruairc's recent article about the book, "Black Operations."

He states, "However to be fair the book is not as bad as one would expect from journalists from the Irish Star and a forward from Victor Baker."

Perhaps he would at least do me the courtesy of spelling my name correctly "Victor Barker" and secondly explaining why he feels my "forward" was expected to be so "bad". [Editor's note: The spelling error was missed in the editing and has since been corrected.]

I have written a fair and balanced account of my own experience,and the murder of my 12 year old son James.

Would Mr O Ruairc like to meet with me to discuss his views further?

No one (no matter what their relgious or political beliefs) has the right to kill innocent human beings in pursuit of their own ends and to use terrorism and intimidation to further their cause. It is time that the REAL IRA faced up to the enormous toll of human suffering that their evil deeds caused to the bereaved and injured on the 15th August 1998 and to seek the forgiveness of those who they have so deeply wronged.

To show how much I care about all human life I intend to run the London Marathon this year and to give one half of the funds I raise to the families of Victims of Republican Terrorist and Loyalist Terrorist Violence and one half to the PSNI benevolent fund.

Would Mr O Ruairc care to join me?





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