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War Crimes or Events?

Marty Egan • 11 May 2004

Anthony is right in his war crime picture. He doesn't hit the mark in Iraq. The soldiers are reserves. Many reserve officers are political, in state run national guard and local reserve units. They are not the brightest and best leaders available. They are the best connected to get an army pension along with their regular employment.

So the Blanket doesn't get overburdened with "How do you know", I speak from experience. I have two honorable discharges. One from 4 years active duty and one from the army reserves.

My reserve unit was composed of many people who didn't want to get drafted and paid off to get in. This was during the Viet Nam War. It was simular to George Bush's units. The people in Iraq never expected to get called up and to most, the reserves are a second or part time job to help with expenses. They are average working class people. The officers are usually middle class and want supplemental income.

When average non-professional and poorly trained or not trained at all citizens are led by inept unqualified officers, chaos is bound to happen. It is no surprise that during the Viet Nam conflict most officer casualties were inflicted by their own men. When street smart teens were drafted and forced to serve they didn't appreciate a 22 year old second lieutenant ordering them in harms way. A college education doesn't make a leader or earn respect from impressed soldiers.


Lack of leadership and the elitism of the Bush administration will make scapegoats of low ranking reserves when it is the fault of incompetant commanders at the highest levels. It always was, it always will be.




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