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Briain Sean MacAodh • 9 October 2004

I'd first like to voice my support for the Blanket's decision to publish Patrick Hurley's articles in their recent publications. All points of view that can potentially effect the the situation in Ireland and specifically the Occupied Six Counties are important.

My qualm is with the latest article, "Some Inconvenient Facts", in which Mr. Hurely's facts are shaky at best and based on hearsay. He repeatedly quotes and refers to the Swift Boat vets, men who have been discredited as never having served with Kerry or carrying personal grudges for unknown reasons. They are also heavily funded by known major GOP fundraisers.

If Mr. Hurley is not speaking of this pro-GOP group, than he should be more specific about the people he is quoting and provide sources for his claims.

Facts concerning John Kerry's Vietnam experiences and actual documents of his medals and service can be found on, the site recently misquoted by Vice President Dick Cheney. This site is seemingly un-alligned with any political group and focused on providing the facts to the best of their knowledge. Check them out and decide for yourself.






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